Gymnast back flips 19 feet, 8.2 inches between bars for Guinness record

A British gymnast broke a Guinness World Record when he did a back flip between two horizontal bars with a distance of 19 feet, 8.2 inches.

Ashley Watson, 29, a professional gymnast and YouTube star, previously held the same record with a distance of 19 feet, 3.1 inches, Guinness World Records said.

Watson took on the record again in celebration of Wednesday’s Guinness World Records Day at his hometown gym in Leeds, England.

He successfully completed a backflip between bars spaces 19 feet, 8.2 inches apart, setting a new record.

“Being able to break my own Guinness World Records title after years of training feels incredible, back in 2018 when I first broke the record I could never have imagined adding a whole 13 centimeters [5.1 inches] onto the distance three years later,” Watson told Guinness.