Guinness World Records Day celebrates ‘Super Skills’ with new records

The eighteenth annual Guinness World Records Day was celebrated by the record-keeping organization Wednesday with multiple new records announced in the “Super Skills” theme.

Guinness said the theme of Guinness World Records Day 2021 was “Super Skills,” and Wednesday’s event was marked with new records in skilled categories including BMX tricks, breakdancing, basketball and feats of strength.

Chinese strongman Zhang Shuang broke the record for fastest time to pull a car 50 meters (164 feet) walking on hands.

Shuang pulled a Morris Garages ZS model, which weighs 1.35 tons, for the required distance with a time of 1 minute, 13.27 seconds.

Japanese BMX trick artist Takahiro Ikeda broke three records for the event by performing 37 stick B tricks in 30 seconds, 45 time machine tricks in 30 seconds and 45 turbine megaspin tricks in 1 minute.

Ikeda previously set the record for most gyrator spins in 1 minute when he managed 59 of the tricks in the allotted time.

Ayoub Touabe of Morocco showed off his tumbling skills in Doha, Qatar, by taking on the record for most single leg backward somersaults in 30 seconds. Touabe took the record by completing 12 of the tricks in the required time.

Wang Guanwutong, 11, of Fuqing, China, put his breakdancing skills to the test by breaking his own record for most consecutive breakdance air flares (male).

Guanwutong originally set the record at 55 in 2018, and managed to beat his own record this year by doing 94 flares without losing his balance.

Fellow breakdancer Qi Yufan, 7, took on the female version of the same record and managed 121 air flares.

Iranian athlete Alireza Sadeghi Barzani, who has drawn attention in the past for his basketball trick shots while using crutches, broke a Guinness World Record by lying on a gym floor in Dubai.

Barzani made a shot from a distance of 49 feet, 2.5 inches, earning the record for the farthest basketball shot hit from the floor with the hand.