Maryland man’s lucky feeling leads to U-turn, $2 million lottery prize

A Maryland man said a lucky feeling inspired him to do a U-turn and return to a gas station to buy the lottery ticket that earned him a $2 million prize.

The 60-year-old Silver Spring man told Maryland Lottery officials he stopped at the Bowie Exxon gas station in Prince George’s County to fill up his tank and had originally intended to visit a different store to buy some lottery scratch-off tickets.

The man said he had a strong feeling while leaving the gas station that led him to do a U-turn and return to the store to buy his tickets from the Bowie Exxon.

The player selected five VIP Club scratch-off tickets, and the first four were non-winners. The fifth ticket was a $2 million top prize winner.

“My mouth dropped open,” the winner recalled of the moment he revealed the prize.

The man said he plans to use his winnings to invest in rental properties.